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Need to update an existing facility? Sterling Wiring Solutions can bring your current property up to code while improving your building’s safety and functionality. Whether you wish to simply run a new Ethernet cable from one room to another or need to completely replace your wiring, an electrical contractor will breathe fresh life back into your facility.

The Perfect Time to Upgrade

Commercial remodels are serious undertakings, but they present exciting new opportunities. Because your building’s electrical infrastructure will be virtually replaced, we can easily add new conduits to increase electrical capacity or Ethernet cables running from room to room. At a marginal cost increase, we can vastly improve your electrical and telecommunications infrastructure without significantly delaying the project’s completion. Consider us for your Campus, Building, Room + Classroom Control Automation solutions.

Safety First

If we notice an outlet sparking or a light switch that is no longer functioning, we will replace the faulty equipment to eliminate the fire hazard. All commercial renovations will meet your local building codes, which mean we might have to reroute wires or replace fixtures as necessary. We run into these situations fairly often in older facilities, but they do not typically increase your electrical installation project’s cost by a substantial amount.

Want to further improve your workplace safety? We also provide a number of security solutions including alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and motion sensor light fixtures.

Improved Functionality

Commercial electrical contractor remodels can also improve your facility’s functionality.

Here are just a few of the new electrical products that we now provide:

  • USB wall outlets
  • HDMI ports
  • Cat 6 Ethernet ports
  • Wireless light dimmer switches

None of these products were available 10 years ago, but they are now relatively commonplace. In fact, we can install conduits and wall plates that accept any type of digital cable, allowing you to easily upgrade your networking infrastructure as soon as new technologies emerge.

A Fresh Look

There is no easier way to update your building’s look than installing new lighting. Our new LED fixtures look great while using less energy than conventional lights, and we can install designer switches and outlets for a upscale look that does not sacrifice functionality. Looking for an conversion to more energy efficient LED lighting? Give us a call 281-997-0999.

Repairs and General Maintenance

Unlike complete commercial remodels, electrical maintenance and repair jobs can be as simple as replacing a defective transformer, and we typically receive electrical maintenance requests when there is already a problem. Our electricians will quickly identify the underlying issue and repair it, and most repairs only take a few hours to complete.

Want to renovate your office, hotel, or warehouse? Give Sterling Wiring Solutions a call today at 281-997-0999 to request a free quote!

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