Commercial Electrical – Repair + Maintenance

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Houston’s history stretches back before the invention of AC electricity, so it comes as no surprise that some buildings are still not up to code. If your facility’s wiring is on the fritz or you are experiencing intermittent service outages, Sterling Wiring Solutions can quickly provide high quality electrical maintenance and repair.

Our specialty is Motor Control, Programmable Logic Control [PLC], Variable Frequency Drives [VFD’s] and Overloaded [amp draws] circuit troubleshooting. We will come in and diagnose your problems from previous installers and fix the issues you are having.


Small Repairs

Most of our electrical repairs are for single outlets or switches — small things that only take a few minutes to replace. More serious repairs include damaged underground cables, broken transformers, and malfunctioning generators. These types of problems can severely interrupt day-to-day business operations, and they need to be fixed as quickly as possible for the sake of safety and productivity.

We will never turn down a job because of its size, and we will be more than happy to repair electrical issues ranging from broken lamp wires to circuit breakers that keep on flipping off. Thanks to our flexible scheduling, we can often repair electrical issues the same day depending on the severity of the problem.

Complete Retrofits

Some buildings require far more work. Electrical equipment will not work like new after 30 or 40 years of hard use, and many older buildings support a maximum of 100 amps when they need twice that. For substantial repairs, we recommend a commercial retrofit, which lets us completely replace your switchgear, wiring, outlets, and fixtures. We can rewire your facility from scratch, and your business will be completely up to code once we are done. More importantly, you will be able to easily meet your electrical needs for up to the next 20 years.


Commercial electrical repairs are necessary to keep your business running. Losing air conditioning would be bad enough, but lighting and computers are vital to your day-to-day operations. While some electrical problems manifest as blackouts, others do not exhibit any visible symptoms at first. If you suspect a problem, our Houston electrical contractor can take a look and identify any issues, potentially saving you from more serious problems down the road.


Sterling Wiring Solutions does not simply install structured cabling — we also repair it. Call us if you experience problems with any of the following:

  • Ethernet cables or fiber optics
  • Wireless routers or access points
  • Telephone service

A reliable Internet connection is every bit as important as electricity to a 21st century business, and every hour of downtime could be the potential loss of business.


Our security systems are designed with redundancies to keep functioning during power blackouts and Internet service disruptions, but they require regular maintenance. A qualified electrician will inspect and replace motion sensors, cameras, and CCTV hard drives as necessary to keep your facility secure.

Infrared Thermography [IRT]

Preventative and predictive maintenance is a big part of what we do. Our use of thermal imaging, and thermal video technology to troubleshoot and fix problems with your wiring is what helps us stand out.

Need commercial wiring repairs from a Houston commercial electrical contractor? Call Sterling Wiring Solutions to schedule your service call today!