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Sterling Wiring Solutions is a licensed electrical contractor. We have always maintained all of the necessary licenses in Houston, and we welcome you to check out our information. We do not hire untrustworthy employees, and our electricians have a proven track record of excellence.

Licensed Electrical Contractor

Choosing a Qualified Houston Electrician

Your facility’s lights start flickering one evening, and by the next day, power is intermittent. Business operations grind to a halt because employees cannot reliably complete tasks, and you have no alternative but to call a Houston electrical contractor to identify and fix the issue.

At this point, the story can play out in one of two ways. In the first scenario, you choose a fly-by-night electrician who promises to repair the faulty equipment as long as you provide a $1,000 down payment to cover the immediate costs. You agree, and the electrician gets to work but cannot complete the job by the end of the day. He never shows up the next day, and you try to call his number, but nobody answers.

Not all unlicensed electricians will take your money and run. Some will finish the job with makeshift repairs that will not last more than a year or two, and there are others that will do a good job. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what kind of job unlicensed contractors will provide.

In the second scenario, you choose Sterling Wiring Solutions, a licensed electrical contractor. Our electrician arrives at your business at the specified time, promptly investigates the issue, and provides an accurate quote. The Sterling Wiring Solutions electrician will complete the job on schedule while ensuring that your wiring is up to code, and if you run into any issues in the future, you will know whom to call.

Safety First

Maintaining a valid license is all about accountability. We take pride in holding ourselves accountable to the customer to make sure that we complete every job up to Sterling standards.

We hold the following license:

Safety to you, your business, and our employees must always come first. Every Sterling Wiring Solutions job is overseen by an OSHA Certified Health and Safety Official to minimize safety hazards.

Earning Your Trust One Job at a Time

Serving all of Greater Houston, Sterling Wiring Solutions employees continue to enrich the community beyond our work. We sponsor a number of organizations including the Sienna Plantation Softball Association, and our job will not be done until every client has safe and reliable wiring.

Looking for electrical maintenance and repair services in or around Houston? Give us a call at 281-997-0999 to schedule a free quote today.