Commercial Electrical – New Construction + Installation

Planning on building a new store or office building in the near future? Let Sterling Wiring Solutions handle all of your electrical and telecommunications wiring requirements. If you have already started the design process, we can work with the contractor or construction company of your choice to ensure that the electrical design is up to code. Otherwise, we can help design a facility from the ground up. By ensuring that you have safe and reliable wiring, we will help you meet your electrical needs for decades to come.

Expert Consultations

Designing a brand new facility is not a simple task, and our expertise will help you figure out exactly what your facility requires. An office building, hotel, and department store might have the same square footage, but their electrical needs are vastly different.

As a respected Houston electrical contractor for many local business owners we provide consultation services, and a Sterling electrician will begin by asking project questions such as:

  • What is the new facility’s square footage and layout?
  • What is the facility’s primary purpose?
  • What are your current and anticipated electrical needs?

If you have already hired a construction company, we will work directly with your lead contractor to figure out exactly where to install wires, fixtures, and outlets, but we welcome you to ask questions and make requests. Sterling Wiring Solutions is here to make sure that your new construction project satisfies all of your requirements, and if you think a dedicated USB outlet in each hotel room makes sense, we want to incorporate that feature into our design. We will also make every effort to improve your new facility’s energy efficiency.

Professional In-House Designs and Installations

Sterling Wiring Solutions never outsources the design process to another company, and besides electrical and structured cabling, we handle everything related to your electrical system including:

  • Switchgears
  • New transformers
  • Light fixtures
  • Backup generators
  • Solar panels and wind turbines

Once the blueprints are in place and we have pulled the necessary permits, our design/build team can begin the new installation. We can typically complete new electrical installations within one to two weeks, but construction times may vary by project.

Electrical work is both cheaper and easier for new installations compared to retrofits for one simple reason: we can access the walls and ceiling before the drywall goes up, which makes working around plumbing and wall studs a breeze. Furthermore, new construction projects allow us to influence the design to better place outlets, fixtures, and switches, and the added flexibility will help your short and long term productivity.

Getting ready to break ground in the Houston area on new construction and need a qualified commercial electrical contractor? Contact us today for a free consultation!